Claire Akin runs the Indigo Marketing Agency and works with independent financial advisors.  She joins the show to share her digital marketing and LinkedIn expertise with the audience.

It’s in the family

Claire was also born and raised in the industry and brings that knowledge and her skills in marketing to each of her clients.  Claire used to be an advisor and worked at FMG Suites.  She found her career calling her to work with independent groups rather than large RIAs.  She helps advisors leverage LinkedIn to find, connect and relate with their ideal clients.

LinkedIn is one of the most data rich social networking platforms.  It allows you to find people who works at a company, lives in an area, went to a specific school and more, which allows you to laser target your prospecting.  The unique nature and structure of the platform allows you to find Centers of Influence (COI) and ideal clients through their degrees of separation.

Why Niche?

Claire shares why she advises her clients to be in as specific a niche as possible to prospect clients.  By knowing who your ideal client is, you are more likely to receive referrals and stay away from un-ideal clients.  9/10 prospects will google you before they setup an appointment.  Understanding how your online reputation management is affected by LinkedIn is critical.

For example, Maybe you golf with a person who works for your ideal client company.  Unfortunately they are not the decision maker, but you know want to know who is.  LinkedIn will help you identify with this person and can help you connect with that decision maker.  It allows folks to take their connections with them when they transition firms.

Many professionals are using their LinkedIn profile as a replacement for their resume.  In quite a few ways it’s better.  The connections to previous companies are left intact, the skills and group connections are still available, which helps a specialized professional, like a CFP® Professional find the next firm that is a great fit.

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