Step 1. Schedule Your (free) Alignment Check

Get a FREE Assessment of your current marketing process ($250 value).  

In this special, free, session you'll leave with a clear understanding of your current client acquisition process.  We will spend most of the meeting focused on you, how clients find you and the promotional processes for your firm.  We'll explore what is working, or not, in your marketing process and acquisition strategy.  

You'll leave knowing what parts of your Client Acquisition Engine is working well, and which parts need to be built up.

You'll learn about the TuneUp Accelerator, the 4FP process, and how the Growth Triad works to make it easy to identify and correct issues in your process before a project fails  

By the time you leave the session you will know how we put you on the path to double your business in 90 days.  

We have a wide range of resources to support you as you implement your plan.  We will hold you and your team accountable as we deploy your plan.  We will create a process that attracts your ideal clients and clients who will receive the most value from your services. 

Though we have a strong focus in digital marketing, we have helped clients implement referral acquisition strategies that are focused on direct mail, or even guerrilla marketing.  

We're here to figure out what will work best for you.

Step 2. Schedule Your Tuneup

Over the course of three months, we will create your Client Acquisition Engine, with a bespoke process for your Registered Investment Advisory firm.  

We use facilitated processes to identify your ideal client and the journey that they take to become a client.  We go beyond the basics and identify and recreate how your best clients become loyal fans who refer other ideal clients. The process illuminates bottlenecks and opportunities as we build your customer journey and optimize the overall health of your Client Acquisition Engine.  

We use proven facilitation frameworks from our Certified Partner, DigitalMarketer, to create a self-correcting Client Acquisition Engine. 

Using this self correcting system, our clients create a process that magnetizes their ideal clients and the clients they provide the most value.

*We also have a half day option that is the first half of the first month called the TuneIn, which is a great way to build your process while you see the results we'll make in your business.

DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

Build Phase

We will start with a game plan.

Then we will identify your ideal client and the transformation that you make in their life.

We then build Your Customer Value Journey, Growth Scorecard, and identify growth opportunities.

We get the high level perspective.  We use this as our basis to build results over the accelerator. 

Optimize Phase

We optimize the the journey prospects take so they have a streamlined path to your door.

We reverse engineer how to recreate your best clients.  

We set you up to attract prospects who are ready to receive that "ah-ha!" moment that turns your services from a nice to have to a need to have.

Accelerate Phase

Now that that your Client Acquisition Engine is ready, it's time to press the gas.

Accelerate with awareness and referral marketing strategies.

Know how to speak to your prospect at each point along the customer journey. 

We will customize this phase of the process to maximize your growth.

Step 3. Stay on Track

You can create any strategy we design as we connect you with our network of talented resources..  

We support our clients after they have built their Client Acquisition Engine for 12-24 months.

We continue to use in depth sessions on a quarterly basis where we use additional facilitated sessions to keep you on track.  You'll stay on track with support from our team working with you to  review and maintain your Growth Scorecard and the health of their Client Acquisition Engine.  

We are here to be your support team.  We will take care of you and you can trust that that you marketing funnels and client acquisition process has been diligently reviewed by our expert team.  We will ensure that all the technical details that you don't want to know about are optimized.  


As your plan is demonstrating results, it’s time to review. We will regularly review your ads, website, and social media presence.

We’ll guide you through the numbers (monthly or quarterly) and translate that data into clear steps to improve your bottom line.


After we’ve reviewed the data we focus on ideas for improving. We’ll take the data we’ve collected and brainstorm with you about ways to improve your plan/goal.

We’ll review the results of your plan and suggest what else needs to be done.


Digital Marketing is a process of constant improvement. What is working evolves. Strategies need to be tweaked to maintain performance.

We will suggest and implement changes to your strategies and systems to maintain peak performance.


We crawl your website on a monthly basis using best in class SEO tools. This informs us about any issues with your website’s health, search rankings, backlinks, competitors, and social media influence.

Now it’s time to take the best ideas we came up with and implement them with the help of our partners. 


We want to know, from a quantified perspective, what is working and what isn't.

We utilize a variety of testing strategies and A/B testing techniques. We boil it down to the stages of your customer journey to identify what is working best for you and what needs to be changed.


We train you on the new processes we’ve determined work best for you and help you implement them in your practice. You will be confident in your business marketing needs; and if you just want us to take care of it, we can do that too.

We’ll be here to answer questions you might have on the hard to read graphs. We give you in-depth reports over the entirety of your digital presence.