Who we are

We are strategic business growth strategists serving Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).  

We implement a custom process for our clients called the Digital TuneUp.  

Firms that work with us leave their three month accelerator with a self correcting system and method to create scalable growth.   

Firms often work with us for 12-24 months to keep their growth on track, be accountability partners and support their growth though our and our network's services.

Jake's first job out of college was working with an RIA in central Chicago.  He has worked for numerous RIA's and attended industry conferences since 2002.

Jake Wagner began this firm because of his life's passion to help individuals have a better relationship with their personal finances.  4FP's mission is to support the Registered Investment Advisory Firms that work with us  are  supported and guided through a process that helps replicate their best clients and create a predictable path for growth with new clients. 

We work with fee-only independent advisors. Most have a passion for Life Planning, and maybe Finology or Financial Planning 3.0.  We like working with wealth managers and financial planners who explore the deeper meanings of money with their clients.

We help financial planners and Registered Investment Advisors sculpt their digital presence by using the newest and best in class digital marketing strategies.

We assist firms in streamlining the path your ideal client takes to your front door. We can help your firm build websites, create social media posts, paid traffic campaigns, implement email marketing and automation.

The best way to learn about our work is to schedule a Digital Alignment Check and a Digital TuneUp (our 90-day accelerator). We work with you and your team to create a coherent overall online strategy using our Growth Triad to create an operating plan that reliably brings your ideal prospects to you.

Our methodology maximizes your team’s resources through a proven business consulting process.  We identify the wants and fears of your ideal client and create a strategy that will logically and consistently bring them to your front door. 

Many of our tools involve digital marketing strategy, automation, and other best-practices for client acquisition in 2023.

We think being a fiduciary is just the right thing to do.  Even though we are consultants and marketers, every one of our suggestions are made with your best interests in mind.

We've worked with RIAs and understand your regulatory needs like no other agency you will find. 

Jake has been working with online compliance since 2008 and understand a wide array of compliance environments. Whether your RIA is Registered with the SEC or the State, we get the complexity of your compliance situation and have processes to work with it.

Our TuneUp clients have a self-correcting Client Attraction Engine that, with our expertise, guides our them to consistent and scalable growth.

The team helping you sculpt your digital presence

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