The Ultimate Essential

Digital Marketing Guide

for Registered Investment Advisors & Financial Planners

The Ultimate Essential Digital Marketing Guide for CFP® Pros and other financial planners. 

  • What you need to know for SEO
  • Elements of a good Financial Planner Website
  • How to make a great lead magnet
  • How to make a funnel with that lead magnet
  • What you want on your landing page

This guide breaks down, in plain language, 9 different components of digital marketing that you should include in your marketing strategy. Each area is part of a well refined marketing operating system.  

When your Client Acquisition Engine is healthy, you have a system that leverages your time that naturally.  

It should create awareness with new prospects at the right time in their lives and also support and nurture your current prospects and clients to appreciate the transformation you provide and schedule their first appointment.

Understand the four different areas of SEO.

SEO can be the cheapest and most effective way to acquire new clients

Learn to leverage Email marketing.  

It is the most effective way to nurture interested prospects

Easy instructions to setup all your business profiles.

Many prospects will first search for advisors in their area.

Identify the right lead magnet.

Design your funnels and content to attract your ideal client

We created this guide to support busy financial planners, like yourself.

When you open the guide you will find detailed instructions and explanations for 9 different areas that you should include in your marketing plan. 

  • How to use email marketing to engage your clients and prospects
  • How to claim your Google Business and other listings 
  • How to setup Facebook
  • Getting started with purchasing ads and boosting posts

Get started with the guide today!

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