Covering your back

My Digital Marketing team needs to see things that are coming at me in my world, that I need to be aware of and that would be uniquely beneficial for me. 

Whether that is software that will make scheduling easier or communicating the basic mechanics of “maintenance” and what you will be doing specifically.

I want my team to make suggestions as to what needs to be done and work with me to determine who is going to do it, when, predict expected results, and analyze expected results.

Covering your heart

I want my marketing advisor to understand my passions with my business, and my unique perspective on money. I want you to walk alongside me with clear communication in what is being done, and why.

My marketing advisor will be honest in what they see (given their area of expertise) to determine if it's worth the investment of time, energy, and finances on my part to accomplish growing my business.

They will protect me from unwarranted, unproductive work, that from their perspective will not add value to business growth. They will be conscientious communicators with other team members and address issues when they arise with integrity, honesty, and humility.

We want a relationally focused team that honors and respects each other. With our working relationship, I want them to adhere to our core values: conscientious, creative, committed, compassion, and collaborative.

Covering your head

My marketing advisor will:

  • Support my vision
  • Keep the trajectory moving in a positive direction
  • Discern what needs to be done (next best, right thing) and do it as part of a scope of service, or regular maintenance.
  • Present ideas, not waiting for us to uncover issues and bring it to the surface.

I want to feel like we are being pro-active, not reactive. I don’t want to micromanage or have to understand the nuances of the digital marketing world.

I would like to have a plan on steps moving forward for my business. What are the steps, what is the time frame, who is doing what, what is the cost, what can I expect upon completion?

What you can expect working with us

Measurable and meaningful metrics

Make course corrections as warranted

Supporting other marketing efforts that comply with industry standards. 

Clear responsibilities, duties, and

timing communication that is reasonable for completion.

Other accountability elements are in place to judge progress. 

Differentiating between specific scope of service elements (tasks) and what needs to be maintained on a scheduled basis.

Covering your tail

I need a digital marketer that will “cover my butt” from the regulatory and compliance perspective with the marketing that we are doing.

From Facebook, to hosting elements on the websites, I appreciate what needs to be done to stay “in line” and want to make sure we are doing everything possible to protect our prospects, clients and ourselves.

I will communicate when I am not feeling that the above elements are in place and come to a resolution that works for all involved.

Covering your aloha

If all these are in place, I will feel I am being productive and free to focus on clients, cultivating my art, creating meaningful content, collaborating with others to bring new ways of bringing money into light, and enjoying my personal life.

We will all being having fun, because we are in our “zones”. The energy will be flowing in a positive direction, and although we will encounter some rapids, we will power through, or climb back in the boat.