DEFINITION: Wherever your brand and reputation are found by your prospects and clients on the internet.

Today, it is more than just your website and social media profiles.

Google, Facebook, even Four Square (remember that one?) are involved. Google measures 70 million data points on each one of us. Foursquare provides geo-lock data for targeted advertising. These companies are now watching our behavior and work together to get a bigger picture of our lives.

The ways people used to "game the system" that worked in the 90's and 2000's is gone. Now google uses algorithms like "Panda" and "Hummingbird" filter machine generated content while Artificial Intelligence becomes more competent every day.

The best answer is to follow the best practices and be real. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Respect is earned over the long term, both digitally and in the real world.

These systems protect us from imposters; but it goes beyond that. Now, google rewards good reviews. Websites linking to yours vouch for it. Google wants to know that your website is the best one to serve #1 to your ideal client.

Facebook's "real" business is now to know what we like, and Google's real business is to know our intention. Both of which are phenomenal and serve us in unexpected ways!!

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How we help

Digital Marketing 4FP recognizes that this complexity is more than the average Certified Financial Planner™ needs to bear.

We help CFP® Pros wade through the technobabble and the Fintech landscape to help Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) leverage these new technologies without becoming overwhelmed. We bring a comprehensive approach that starts with the internet and ends with a pre-qualified prospect on the other side of the desk. The purpose of our approach is to enable financial planners and RIAs with a proactive approach to sculpting their online presence and managing their digital presence.