Jake Wagner


Jake grew up learning from the greatest minds in financial planning. He learned that financial planning was the most important profession of the 21st century.

His father, Richard B. Wagner JD, CFP®, impressed upon him early on the importance of financial planning.

He started the 4FP Agency because it was the best way to use his talents to support the financial planning profession.

"We've trained our team to be your Fractional CMO team so we can support our clients, financial planners, and RIAs, with a Marketing Operating System, so they can be the best financial planners possible." - Jake Wagner, CDMP.


During his college life, he was heavily impacted by meeting the Pioneers at FPA Residency in 2000. This group became some of the greatest minds in financial planning today.

His first FPA Retreat was in 2002 when Dick won a Call for Papers for his work on Integral Finance. Jake was working for the Integral Institute at the time and is still part of the Integral community.

Since his father passed, he has been supporting the What is Finology? Project, which is Dick Wagner's legacy project, in addition to his Financial Planning Association Scholarship and CFP Board Scholarship.


Jake started the NexGen chapter in the Colorado FPA chapter and has been featured by FPA NexGen National for his work as social media coordinator. He also helped start FPA Activate, one of the profession's most active social media groups. Jake and the 4FP Agency are the marketing partners for the Garrett Planning Network.

He has produced multiple conferences, including the FPA of Oregon's Mid Winter Conference, Nazrudin Gathering 2018, and numerous client events, including the What is Finology CE (continuing education) Day Forums. He also produces and speaks for the 4FP Agency's Challenge and Nutshell programs.

He has been a speaker at numerous Garrett Planning Network, Nazrudin Gatherings, FPA of Oregon and SW Oregon chapter, FPA Retreat, Impact Communication Swift Chats, and other industry events.


As far as technology, Jake got his first computer in 1985. He was six. It didn't have a modem or a hard drive but had a Super VGA and a whopping 2MB of RAM. His fascination with technology grew as the internet came into being. He has watched it evolve which allows him to bring a unique wisdom and acumen to address, understand and coach his clients.

Jake has worked for several RIAs, both online and brick and mortar. He has been listening to the needs and concerns of the financial planning community throughout his professional career. He brings the knowledge he acquired from 20 years in the financial planning profession to his current clients. His first online advisor training program was called Online Advisor Central when he was the manager of Community Relations for the online Registered Investment Advisor Myfinancialadvice.

In 2015, Jake began his relationship with Digital Marketer. He received his Digital Marketing Certified Professional in 2017. The agency became a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner in 2020.

The 4FP Agency bridges the gap between your digital marketing needs and the seven-step financial planning process taught by the CFP® Board.