Eddie Kramer of The Abacus Planning Group comes back on the show.  In part 2 of our conversation Eddie shares his experiences surrounding the hiring process with anecdotes on what his firm is looking for when hiring talented young planners.

Where to find talented interns

 He readily turns to his alma mater, Texas Tech University, as one of his go-to locations when they are looking to hire interns and he has established relationships other programs, like Virginia Tech, which are much closer to his Columbia, SC based firm.

Eddie elaborates on some of the other elements of structural capital that he develops from his work with study groups and other community involvement.  He shares a little bit about the benefits of his volunteer efforts, ranging from his church to supporting the arts, and how they build his structural capital portfolio and provide some unique opportunities you never would have guessed.

What is Structural Capital?

We also discuss some of the intangible elements of this structural capital stuff. Understanding some of the subtle benefits. Sometimes this is the intangible benefits from giving to charity but it is just as likely to be the pros and cons involved in the way you charge your clients. Even smiling to understanding how the skills and traits in the leaders we each admire help us become better professionals.

Listen in and learn what Eddie has to share.


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Building Strong Relationships

Building Strong Relationships
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