Jake joins Jesse Gilmore on the Niche in Control podcast

Building relationships is key to success in business. Jake discusses the importance of creating deep connections and avoiding desperation when it comes to sales. With a passion for financial planning, he’s excited to offer a system and technology coaching program that will help people reach their financial goals.

Jake Wagner, the Founder & Principal of the 4FP Agency, talks about his passion for helping financial planners and his agency’s expertise in building effective growth systems. Wagner makes it clear that having a solid strategy and creating a deep relationship with clients is key to success in any business.  He invites listeners to visit his website and download the Digital Marketing Essential Guide for Financial Planners.

To succeed in today’s digital era, small businesses need an effective digital marketing strategy. Potential customers often use the internet to research products and services before visiting a physical store, making it important for businesses to have a strong online presence. Effective lead-generating marketing tactics can help businesses demonstrate their superiority over competitors.

For small business owners who may lack experience in setting up a successful online marketing plan, it can feel overwhelming to get started. But with the right guidance, online marketing tactics can be easily implemented to help generate meaningful results and set yourself up for success.



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You are now listening to leverage for growth. Hey, everybody,


this is Jesse P. Gilmore, founder of niche in control and creator of leverage for growth. Welcome to the agency leverage edition. Today I am here with Jacob Wagner, the founder of the four F e agency, a growth marketing agency dedicated to building healthy growth systems, client attraction systems and referral marketing funnels for financial planners. Thanks for coming to our show today.

Jacob Wagner 13:48:04

Glad to be here. Great to be with you, Jesse.


Awesome. Can you tell us a little bit about the history and background of your agency?

Jacob Wagner 13:48:11

Yeah, absolutely. So it’s definitely taken some different forms over the years as well, really, so I started the company in 2013. But that was being more of like a tech advisor to people. And in 2017 really seemed that like, oh, this advice that I’m doing now this is really easier to talk about as digital marketing. And and that was a great way for us to hold in from offer our services for a long time. And then also, what we’ve ended up finding was the best way to really apply what it is that we know. And what we’re best at isn’t necessarily to be like making a funnel for somebody or making a website for somebody, all those things are very important, and you need to have them. But also, since our clients are financial planners, one of our mottos is, you’re a planner, what’s your marketing plan, you know, Aniela, have that set out, have you know, your budgets understand what you want your expect your results to be all those different things. And if you just go in and just without any thought set up a funnel, spend 1000s of dollars to drive people to you, maybe it’ll have a result. And maybe also that result could be that you attract a whole bunch of people were not who you want to work with. And so having a good strategy, understanding how you want to speak to your ideal client. And what they want to hear at each stage of the journey is really one of the where we focus and help our clients.


That’s awesome. And what made you decide on financial planners as kind of like the focus or the niche?

Jacob Wagner 13:49:43

Well, for that of a situation, that’s probably not going to apply to most listeners, I am second generation into the financial planning profession. And so really how I actually found marketing was that I wanted marketing to be, I wanted to be of as much service to the financial planning firms as absolutely possible. And I want people to get the financial advice that they need. And the marketers, the financial planners tend not to be the best at marketing. And so basically, I want to go and I want to help people with this problem of dealing with the finances and their lives as much as possible. And I felt like the best way to do that was to support the same way they support my father, some of his friends, things I’ve done throughout my career, you know, from after leaving college and frankly before, how to actually help them build their their firms and understand what it was that they really wanted to get out of their firm.


That’s awesome. And being a second generation financial planner, you’ve obviously have like a passion for, you know, who you serve. And and I could hear that based on what you were just describing.

Jacob Wagner 13:50:50

Yeah, I do well, and the thing is, is that there are there’s some good guys in the financial planning world and there’s some bad guys in the financial planning world. And unfortunately, the bad guys are the ones you see on TV. And they have an immensely bigger budget than the small companies. So but through the thing, the thing is, is that through the nature of digital advertising, that a smaller business has been given a lot of opportunity that they hadn’t before, you know, John Hancock and go and buy the back of the to the baseball stadium so that you know, when that homerun happens, you get a brand imprint as it goes over the fence, you know, but the thing is, is that with good advertising, using the algorithms of Facebook and Google and effective ways you can get in front of the people who really be best to work with And so that’s a big part of is knowing what to do to get in front of those people. And then also the right thing to say, you know, a lot of our clients, the people, they want to find someone who has a million to $10 million, you know, it’s the same as that like beautiful woman who gets hit on everywhere that they go, if you use a hard sales approach, it’s going to be really alienating and it’s not going to work, you know, what you need to do is you need to come from a perspective of when someone realizes that they have a problem, you know, and that they’re starting to look for that. And you starting to provide the solutions to those problems through your lead magnet three years social content for everything that you put out on media, and in the content, your ads, and your own providing that answer. And what are the reasons why it’s really good to go into the niche is that allows you to speak more specifically to the needs the wants, the concerns, because the thing is, is that every certainly every business has their own growth needs. But some of them like as you start to niche down that you start to be able to go towards certain types of problems that your clients have, and time and time again. And that gives you that specificity. You know, that gives you that ability to really be like, Okay, now this is the sort of when they come in a lot of my clients that they say that their their main way of marketing is to do referral marketing. And there’s a place that’s really powerful, and there’s a place for that also means that you didn’t actually start to try. And so even when it comes to referral marketing, a lot of the times those guys don’t even have anything that makes sense. And you want to have some way that you actually are romancing those people stuff like that, that all suggest everything from there is a cute local business here in Portland called PDX cookies or cookie PDX. And they’re these cookies are out meal, learn out there, like if you’re watching the video, they’re like, this thick, and like huge that my fiance and I, we split one of those cookies twice. And if you can go and you can put a good flavor in the mouth of your prospect, that’s a good taste in their mouth, literally, you know, you’re starting to create some of those incentives. And, you know, if you’re going to be getting 1000s 10s of 1000s of dollars from a client, that going and spending 40 bucks to send half a dozen cookies to them, is really a good way to just like keep that relationship growing. You know, and also it’s not, you didn’t give them something to collect, to recycle to collect dust on a corner, you know, any of those sorts of things which you did is give them something that maybe it goes through kids doesn’t matter. You know, maybe they give it away, but at least you gave something something that makes the relationship richer. And so that’s really rather than just like, Oh, hey, do you have a for another friend who has 5 million bucks? You know, oh, no, they haven’t, you know, and they’re having these concerns and problems, like it’s a way to actually put a better taste in their mouth and make it so that they’re not feeling like they’re being put in some sort of product context that they’re not being oversold to, you know, because when a financial planning relationship is done, right, they have the best lifetime value of a client relationship. But really anything I’ve seen, you know, in a good financial planning relationship, it could be 30 years, lifetime value, it could be that when someone goes to the hospital, there, these are stories I’ve all heard from clients and from colleagues in the financial planning industry, that financial planner was the first non family member to get called to come to the hospital. And some of it was about the like, legal stuff and having the papers, right, because all of that is immensely confusing, especially if you’re in an emergency situation, you know, but it’s also it’s for the emotional part. You know, when you do marketing, right, when you do you know, your service delivery, right, that you’re developing friendships with these people, that it’s rich, that you know, you like, you know, cry with them, when they have this add things in their life, that you’re there to celebrate the wins with them. And that type of relationship is so much deeper than just like building a funnel for somebody, you know, and understanding what your return on adspend is, which all those things are essential. But if you can do that, and have a deeper relationship, that’s going to give you so much more that happens with your clients. And, you know, it doesn’t have to be too too much. You know, it just needs to be what’s going on with their life, knowing where their kids are in the process of everything, you know, like, Oh, there’s the dog coming in, or, you know, the dogs love to interrupt your zoom meetings, you know, so at least having a way to turn that into a fun joke or something like that. And same with any like three year olds that want to come onto the screen for you know, 30 seconds. Just how do you deal with that gracefully and still stay on topic with work too and have that really be something that enriches the relationship and not something that distracts


and what I’m getting from This is a talk about like client attraction. And there was one thing that I learned in my journey, it was the difference between like the, the desperation of selling, and then the patience of seduction. And being able to do that, effectively, is that something that if you were to either go back to a previous version of yourself, or tell the audience kind of something to leverage, would that be something that you would kind of pass on to them? Or?

Jacob Wagner 13:57:02

Absolutely, well, yeah, I mean, if you are in that, you know, if you sound desperate, when you’re on the phone, you know, then basically someone, they’re not going to like it, that conversation isn’t going to be resonant, it’s not going to jive. And, you know, there’s a lot of different ways to do sales conversations and sales strategies. And just if you bring that in, you’re probably not winning. And if you use some of those overt sales and closing strategies, some of it will work, you know, some of that, but you can also be bringing in people who don’t want to be working with. And so you know, a part of what both we do with our financial planning clients, and what the financial planners are doing with their clients is it’s a bit like dating. And that it’s, you want to make sure that they’re a good fit for you. And the thing is, is as you start to go deeper into your the niche, then you can be that greeter fit. Just for interesting example, this is not one of our clients, but there’s a person who they only work with trophy winning bass fishermen, that’s the only client that they have the only type of client that they have, and they have over a billion dollars under management, that’s a big, big number. And they don’t need to go anywhere else. But they do get to go and have that bass, you know, contest be a business expense. And then they can go and go there be with these people do the stuff that they also, frankly, like to do, and that authenticity shows up every step of the way. And you know, since they’re there, you know, when someone comes into a sudden money situation, you know, all of a sudden, you get that million dollars in prize money or whatever. How do you use it? How do you leverage it? How do you have it last you for the rest of your life? You know, that might be half the money you earn in the next 10 years or in your life or something like that? And how do you avoid taxes? You know, how do you spread that out? How do you have that really like last year as much as possible? Because it’s a big deal? Yeah, yeah. Conversely, for one, if someone’s an NFL lineman, you know, they might be I’m not a sports guy, but like, I’m not talking about, you know, Tom Brady, or someone who can’t retire. But that guy who gets beat him up for three years, you know, and maybe Aaron’s in the, you know, 900,000 for that entire time, but like, how is he is all these managers, it’s gone, all these different things that are pulling away at that money. And he needs that money, when he’s at, you know, how are you going to actually manage that and make that work and those those needs. That’s really what made me establish this firm and made it so that I want to help people in this way and help financial planners get the marketing help that they need, because everybody who’s listening to this podcast is going to want to retire. And if you plan, right, then you’re going to be able to, you know, you don’t want to be that old guy working in McDonald’s, unless you want to be that or a guy working at McDonald’s or Walmart or whatever, you know, if you if you want to be able to pick the life that you want to have for yourself. And, you know, that’s really the end result that I want for my clients and for their clients.


That’s awesome. I love it the passion, both from a marketing perspective, but also the financial planning perspective. So what are you working on right now? What are you excited for? What’s success for you in the next one to three years?

Jacob Wagner 14:00:22

Yeah, well, I am working on a new program right now, that is taking what we have been doing as a one on one piece, that’s a three month accelerator, and actually not taking all of it, but really taking the first part of it, slowing it down a little bit. Because it’s an immense amount of work when we do this with people and making it so that when someone comes through our process, not only do they have identified who their ideal client is, the transformation that they provide, they also actually have a system using numbers to measure what’s working well and isn’t and a path to know how they’re going to get to you. But not just that, adding in the system. You know, the technology. That’s one of the things that’s out there, and that there’s stuff there’s various pros and cons to all of these software’s, but having the right thing to support you is a big deal. So actually giving people to the software, setting up the software and then coaching them through the process at the same time. And that’s going to probably be an eight to 10 week course. And I’m really excited for it. I don’t have a name yet. But it’s looking at the different transformations that they provide. I’d and also how to have a true client acquisition system. So that it’s not this one and done, you know, maybe, you know, maybe this one thing works for a little while and when it doesn’t or whatever, but actually having a system that when something starts to not work as well, you can tell from the numbers that he used us we go in and we fix that part of the system, when we don’t work on what’s already working, that’s something I see that happens a lot is that people try to make something is working better, and didn’t notice the thing that was the actual weak link in the chain, that that’s where someone, people are actually falling off in the process. So that’s, that’s the next thing that we’re working on. And that really relates to our bigger consulting process. You know, like, when our favorite clients are working with us, they go through this first system. And then we’re also working with them, least on like the CMO level, every quarter that we’re doing 48 hours to work with them. And then if they need these other pieces built, we have the PPC, you know, we have the SEO team, and he’s even you don’t even pay anything until you’re on the first page of Google with that. You know, we have the web resources, all those things. So that way we can make those decisions. When it’s the right choice. You know, when is the right time to develop that for a firm, then we can go and start to develop, push that out. But that way, we’re helping people be on that long term roadmap for success. It’s not just this framework, and then you’re off into the wilds, again, without any support. Because I think that it’s really important to have that advisor and that guy, especially if you are an advisor, you know, it’s like the psychotherapist in certain psychotherapist. No, you can’t some of this stuff, you just need someone else to do the same thing to you that you do for the for your people.


Mm hmm. Absolutely. So what’s the best way for people to get in touch with you? Or do you have any offers for them? They could take advantage of?

Jacob Wagner 14:03:26

Yeah, absolutely. So the easiest way to find us is to go to for f p.co. Not for fi.com. That one one was an available, free letter domain names are rare these days. So the number four F is Financial Peace and planning.co. And then when folks come to the site, I encourage them to download our digital marketing Essential Guide for financial planners. And it is good for other people, if you’re not a financial planner, but it has what you want on your website, what to look for in your email marketing, the basic pieces to go there directions and links to set up to your Google business and your Facebook business. So that that way you can have those basics done. And I want all of those pieces done. Ideally, before someone even comes in starts the conversation with me because it just makes it so we started off running, you know, hit the ground rock. Cool.


And I’ll leave that the URL in the show notes for anybody that’s listening. And I just want to thank you very much for being on the show today.

Jacob Wagner 14:04:22

Yeah, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me, Jesse. And thank you everybody who’s listening to this, I hope that you’ve learned something and maybe a thing or two.


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