Eddie Kramer on Study GroupsStudy groups have been a secret many leading financial planners have used to further their career.  They are one of my faves.

There are many types of study groups practicing today.  Some meet every week, some only meet quarterly.  Some have been meeting for decades.  I’ve heard about study groups that started virtually while others are in the same locale.  There are at least two that have created their own scholarships for professional conferences.

My experience is that they are repeatedly an important cornerstone for many people’s careers.  It keeps coming up at conferences, like the NexGen Gathering, for good reason.

In this episode Eddie shares why he thinks his study group is special.   He shares how they hold each other accountable, check in with each other on a regular basis and support each other with strategic coaching.

They aren’t easy on each other, that’s clear.  A lot of honesty.  Hard conversations and hard questions.  High levels of accountability and evaluating their ethics through constructive dialogue.  His perspective is that his study group is a tool helping to build his individual and human capital.

It is clear that they share something very special.  They share more than just the bond of being professional peers.  Their study group helps them maintain excellence and peak performance continuously over the years.

Special shout out to my study group

Derek, Dave, Rianka and Charlie, the last three years with you has been an honor and a privilege.  Thank you.  I dedicate this episode to you guys.  Here’s to our mission to be humble, empower many, provide insight, and represent everyone.


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