Why are those animation videos so engaging?

You know the ones with the expansive whiteboard and markers with a narrative that seems to be both spontaneous and well narrated.  I love how they seem to make incredible points and keep you wondering what is next.

Jill Addison of FA Client Machine joins the podcast to share how her approach to whiteboarding videos support advisors engagement with clients and prospects.

Whiteboard videos are is an intriguing and cost effective supplement to an advisor’s arsenal.  The tools seem to be effective in communicating concepts that can be a struggle for clients.  The best part is that Jill and her team equip folks with library of resources that are a combination of videos they have already made that are commonly needed as well as custom requests from their subscribers.

I really enjoyed this conversation and Jill’s insights. Whiteboarding videos are an intriguing focus.  She had some great points about engaging with your audience, using video in different areas of your digital presence

Video is an incredible tool that can be used in a variety of ways.  When you share videos with existing clients you save yourself time and look professional.  When you use it in the client engagement process, it’s a way to build the relationship and let the prospect get to know you.

One key element to keep in mind when using video, and really any content marketing

Going deeper in the client meeting because you can set the table for the conversation so it is easier to use meeting time and focus the conversation.  It helps get the client up to speed about what you want to share and allow them reflect.

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