Would it be nice if a prospect let you know if they can afford you before you spent a lot of time with them?

Stan Mann coach for financial advisorsHow Stan Prospects

That’s exactly what Stan Mann teaches audience members in this episode of the show.  Stan joins me to share 10 sales appointment setting techniques and strategies to start off on the right foot with a client.  He uses these techniques with the financial advisors who work with him.  This episode will teach you to know whether or not you want to to “close” a prospect.

In the modern day it is too obvious that we only have limited time and resources.  If a client can’t afford your services it is significantly harder for you to give them the results they are looking for.  If a client isn’t able to pay you well enough that you can give them the time and attention that they deserve, it is going to be an uphill battle for you to serve them, and it’s less likely that they’ll have a great interaction with you because you can’t fully support them or offer them the full range of your expertise, skills and knowledge.

“No”s lead to Yes!!

The faster that you can learn that a prospect *isn’t* going to work out, the more effective your sales process will be.  Don’t get me wrong, don’t just walk away from a person if you identify them as an un-ideal client; but once you know whether someone might be a fit for your services, or not, the better you know how to handle your time and that conversation.

Stan shares tips that have taken him a career to learn exactly what is the ultimate best-practice.  This will help you to know where to put your attention.  You need to go further when you are talking to a prospect than just telling them your value proposition and they won’t care to learn about your work process until they’re evaluating whether they want to be a client.


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