Matt Becker on eCourses

Matt Becker, principal of Mom and Dad Money, joins us for our first show to share how he aquires clients through automated eCourses.

He shares how he uses email marketing to build relationships with his audience.  His audience earns his trust through his automated resources and they turn to him when they need financial advice.

Matt shares how he uses these tools to build trust and let his prospects get to know him.  How he educates and prepares them to become clients.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Matt decided to build courses
  • Why he chose to offer the courses he does
  • How he uses email automation to “stay in touch”
  • How he uses these strategies to find his clients
  • Why he chose to focus on mothers and fathers as clients
  • How he helps them.

After listening to this first show you will have insight into the firm operations of Mom and Dad Money. You’ll learn about his one-man financial planning practice and you’ll see how he is effectively leveraging eCourses and technology to take his practice to the next level.

Jake is trained as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

He is called to connect true financial planning professionals with their clients and prospects through effective digital marketing.

He understands the needs and concerns of the financial planning profession and the wide range of regulatory compliance needs and concerns.

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