Our Services

Step 1. Foundations

Digital Presence Analysis

Identify what is working right and what isn’t in your digital presence. Leave with a list of “quick wins” to improve your digital marketing.

There is too much in digital marketing to “do it all.”After you receive your assessment you’ll know what to do next.

Brand Consulting

What is your brand?
Is it your logo? What people see about you online? Their internal perception of what you are, do and represent?

It's all of this and more. Check out our Online Reputation Management | Elements program for free. Schedule a consulting meeting with us to get help from our marketing experts. We offer ongoing consulting packages if you want more than one.

Ideal Client Identification & Persona Marketing

Whether you are considering what to talk about for your next blog post, posting something on Facebook, finding new people to target with ads or considering the value that you provide prospects on their journey to become clients, you will be able to do an infinitely better job by having an ideal client persona.

Use this personality as your muse.

You can reflect on and decide how they feel when making decisions at each point in your customer journey. By creating Avatars/Personas you know who you're attracting,
where to find them, and the right times to approach them so they get to know, like, and trust you.

This builds confidence in them about how you can help.

Analytics Setup

We will set up your analytics for you.
We want you to be able to track what’s working and what’s not.
As part of your plan we want to include setting up scripts on your site.

Step 2. Make Your Plan

We will do your plan in 4 parts/months. Each month we will implement a part.For this reason we expecto 50% up front, 25% in month two, 15% in month 3 and 10% on final delivery.Enter your text here...

Digital Marketing Plans

Our digital marketing plans include your completed ORM/E resources,customer journey modeling, and funnel strategy.

Our plans are tailored to your business and are conducted over the course of your months.We build a marketing strategy that maximizes your impact and minimizes the time required.

We start with your top priority and build your plan out from there.We can build the resources detailed in the “Build it Out” section of this document.

Customer Journey Modeling and Strategy

If you want to attract your ideal client, you have to answer their concerns and objections each step of the way.Every client in your portfolio at one point didn't know you and wasn't familiar with your work.

We can plan and optimize how a prospect moves from never having heard of you to
evaluating your firm, coming on board and even how to encourage them to be a great source for referrals.

By creating a strategy that plans the journey of your ideal client we end up creating an
experience that attracts the ideal kind of person over another.
This helps you vet bad fit clients without having to spend time and resources on them.

Funnel Strategy

Are you most of the way to having a converting funnel but not sure how to take it from good to great?

By using our resources you will leave these consulting sessions knowing what KPI to check and what step to take next to bring in your next ideal client!

Modern digital marketing affords you a suite of insight tools that help you understand your web visitors.

Step 3. Build It Out

Website Creation and e-course creation

4Fp has an excellent team to help you create landing pages, full funnels or redesign your website.

Our team can help you transition your website from a brochure that your prospects and clientsdon’t engage with or understand intuitively to a user friendly interactive resource.

Lead Magnet Creation and Configuration

A lead magnet is something great that you can offer free or for a low cost.
Our experts will help create and optimize your lead magnet(s) to suite you and your prospect’s needs.

We’ll start where you’re at. No matter how far you are.
Your main options are Quizzes, Downloadable Resources, eCourses and Chatbots.
Your plan will likely have more than one.

Directory Amplification & SEO

The first step in having a great search presence is to show up where your
prospect is searching.

With our Directory Amplification Program you will have a
unified search presence that amplifies itself through consistent monitoring and
listing in the most important search engines.

We bring long-term SEO benefits to all of our strategies.

Paid Traffic

Buying paid traffic is both simpler and more complex than ever before.

1/3rd of the human population is on Facebook, you just need to know how to find them.

Our team brings the best tools and newest strategies to the table to maximize your ROI.

Content Marketing

Content is one of the other cornerstones.

This can be blogging, podcasting, webinars and in-print articles.

It is important to know what will work and be sustainable
for you & your team that will also attract your ideal client

Email Marketing

This portion of the marketing process is what occurs in the middle and bottom of the funnel. It is one of the most crucial processes of a prospect’s getting to know, like and trust you. Being in your prospect's inbox is a privilege, not a right.

We have to cultivate a desire for them to open your messages.
Forethought and wisdom are required to keep that prospect's attention and
have them excited to see what comes next.

Step 4. Maintenance Plan

Analytics & Optimization

We give you in-depth reports over the entirety of your digital presence.
We crawl your website on a monthly basis using best in class SEO tools.
This inform us about any issues with your website’s health, search rankings, backlinks, competitors,

and the impact of your social media presence.
We use this information to update your plan and give you next steps.
Let us help you understand the stats and improve your strategy.

Regular Meetings & Monitoring

We'll guide you through the numbers (monthly or Quarterly) and then make sure it translates to clear steps to improve your marketing and your bottom line.

Our clients feel informed and have peace of mind knowing that their digital presence is being monitored by experts.


Once you have finished your 4 month plan with us it’s time to review.
We’ll review your ads, website, social media, etc.
We’ll see how the plan was implemented and start to think of what else needs to be done.


Here we’ll start to interpret the data.
We’ll be here to answer questions you might have on the hard to read graphs.
We’ll see what is being repeated and what we need to keep repeating.


After we’ve reviewed the data we’ll start to think of some ideas for improving. We’ll take the data we’ve collected and brainstorm with you about ways to improve your plan/goal.


Now it’s time to take the best ideas we came up with and implement them. For example, we’ll optimize your ad audience so your social media posts go to the people you want to see them.


Now it’s time to see how these changes work.
Are we meeting our original goal better?
This could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.
The longer we wait the more data we’ll have to compare.


Time to train you on the new processes we’ve determined work best for you. We’ll give you a seat on our training portal and give you personal calls when you need it. We want you to be confident in your business marketing needs, and if you just want us to take care of it, that’s okay too.

A La Carte Services

Event Promotion

Especially in 2020, events are a crucial way to build your brand,
court prospects, and mantain rapport with clients.
We help RIAs promote both virtual and in person events with
strategy that includes event promotion, email marketing, SMS
and other that take your event to the next level using the newest
strategies to court and entice your ideal client.

Brand Consulting

What is your brand?
Is it your logo? What people see about you online? Their internal perception of
what you are, do and represent?

It's all of this and more. Check out our Online Reputation Management | Elements program for free. Schedule a consulting meeting with us to get help from our marketing experts. We offer ongoing consulting packages if you want more than one.

Lite Email Marketing Strategy

This is for our clients who just need a bit of help setting things up.
We’ll get you on a basic plan with the best software for you.

Website Hosting

More than just a place for your website. We make sure to create regular backups and automate the updating process for your WordPress website so you are never in danger of losing that investment.