The Digital Presence Analysis

Kennedy Financial Planning President
Rebecca Kennedy, CFP®


Jake has great communication skills and a good balance of technical expertise and business acumen. He knows how to explain complex topics to the layperson and is proactive in diagnosing and assessing problems. I also appreciate how approachable and easy to work with he is.

Digital Marketing Analysis

We will go over the process your prospects take to get to your door.  What are they are evaluating to find out if you are the right financial planner for them?

Identify "quick wins" to improve your digital marketing.

Just print out the documents we send you.

Or have it open on your computer when we meet.

There is too much in digital marketing to "do it all."  What should you do next? 

The call lasts for 60-90 minutes.  

We will go through your prospect's journey to arrive at your door.

We will identify any holes in your digital presence.

Build a marketing strategy that maximizes your impact and minimizes the time required.

You'll have a completed Customer Value Journey worksheet.

You'll know what areas of your marketing strategies to focus on next.

You'll have examples of what you might want to do to improve on in each stage of your process.

Jake Wagner, CDMP


About Jake Wagner, CDMP

Born and raised in the financial planning profession and trains diligently with DigitalMarketer, Billy Gene is Marketing, Lee Goff and other premiere marketing experts.

We bring a fiduciary ethic and passion to the profession with our work.  We also bring some of the most effective strategies to grow your business.

You will leave this session with a better grasp of your marketing process and whom you are attracting.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Russel Kroeger cfp ea circle headshot
Russell Kroeger, CFP®, EA


Jake’s intimate knowledge of the Financial Planning profession makes it easy to be on the same page regarding my firm’s vision and purpose.

Jake minimizes the pain-points of prospect/client engagement the same way we limit hurdles for our clients to have a healthy relationship with their money.

wealth by design wealth done differently

Danielle Howard, CFP®, CKA®

Financial Planner, speaker and educator

In ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins touts the benefits of “Getting the right people on the bus in the right seats”. With a shared vision and mission, I have been fortunate to get Jake on my bus and in the right seat of “digital marketing maestro” (his given title by me) in our organizations. The digital world is vast and I deeply appreciate Jake’s guidance as we course through this new, amazing, and opportunistic terrain.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve your digital presence!