Hannah Moore, of Guiding Wealth, joins me for this show to talk about her podcast, You’re a Financial Planner, now what?

Hannah’s podcast is based on a project that started in Dallas, Texas. She’s taken a local initiative to the next level through podcasting.  What started as a local gathering is now available world-wide to share with the greater planning community.

So, you’re a financial planner.  Now what?

You're a financial planner, now what

This podcast is just one of the ways that she contributes to the profession.  Podcasting is rooted in entertainment, education and helping others.  It is typically free.  You have to use a 21st century orientation to understand how using this innovative approach builds her practice.  In short, the show is designed to help further other financial planners and their practices.  It is more for you than her clients; but still helps build her company.

There isn’t direct ROI with her podcasting model, but it’s working for her.  This is a great example on how to broaden context and perspective to provide a bigger picture.  Even though her podcast is oriented to you and other planners, it still creates indirect ROI for her and her firm.  It establishes her as an authority as a CFP® trainer and an authority because she is an expert.

How we manage work

Hannah works out of her home and I use a co-working space.  Besides that though, there are a lot of similarities between how I produce this show and she produces hers.

We share the tricks that we’ve each found that help us.  Learn how we setup our environment to create a smooth recording.  We talk about how we prepare for our interviews and why we’ve decided to have our free content be a podcast.

Learn about the tools we use to create our podcasts.  There were some high level design decisions that led us both to use podcasting rather than another channel.  We explain why free content builds our firms (hint: You can check out my digital marketing services here).


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