Buerger on TwitterPart 2 of John Buerger’s talk focuses on the client experience he creates with his clients. He uses his Wealth Health Index and other tools to cultivate the experience for his clients and prospects. He uses these tools to create insight and identify opportunities.

He also uses these tech tools to create accountability with clients. A way to know that he is meeting their needs and also gives them a way to know if they’ve given him what he’s needs to give them his best work.  By re-using these surveys and other tools he can also identify where a client is at and how their situation is evolving while they work together.  This helps the client understand what John is doing and see and feel that he’s doing a great job.

Rather than supplying a 60 page quarterly report, these tools constantly and inform his clients about their progress, without them needing to have specific interactions with John and Altus Wealth.  As a result he’s able to hit the ground running by making a client experience that is natural and encourages his clients to self select the level of service they need.

By using these tools, the Wealth Health Index, Zapier and Twitter to name a few, he is able to segment his visitors to know what topics they are interested in and would like to talk more about.  This helps him manage his time effectively and maximize the value he creates for clients.

It also allows prospects to get value from him without needing to time, energy or money so they can choose when they want to take the next step.

Jake is trained as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

He is called to connect true financial planning professionals with their clients and prospects through effective digital marketing.

He understands the needs and concerns of the financial planning profession and the wide range of regulatory compliance needs and concerns.

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