I was driving in the car listening to talk radio earlier this week and I heard Leo Laport, “The Tech Guy” take a caller asking about Ransomware:
Data Ransom in Snowmass Colorado

Long story short, this horrendous and terrorizing hacking/spam attack holds your files hostage (and will destroy them) unless you pay their fee.  There are only a couple ways to recover from ransomware and most of them involve starting from scratch!

And it seems that it’s a growing industry.

Most people spend days losing work and scrambling to recover.  Trying to lose as little information and work as possible and never knowing what got missed.  It rarely goes well and the business owner just crosses their fingers hoping that whatever they don’t have won’t be needed again .

ComConnect File Sync users, however, have a Snapshot feature that “roll backs” an organization’s data cloud before the attack. Instead of being out of commission for who knows how long paying way too much for un-utilized labor, an administrator reverses the computer’s files to before the attack and employees can get back to working.

This video really is a great way to understand this risk, and your first step is to just watch it.

Check it out….do it now!

I promise you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

If you found this video as inspiring as I did, and you’re ready to take the next step, then go here to start a your Ransomware protection:

It’s the first step to being protected from these new and frightening types of hacking

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